In addition to her speaking and educational work, Liz has been widely published in a range of other print and online publications. A full publication list is available below.

If you are interested in commissioning them to write for your publication or organisation, speak at or moderate your event, or to enquire about rates, please send her an email.

Select publications

A tapestry of transphobia
Review of Shon Faye's 'The Transgender Issue; An Argument For Justice' for The Australian Book Review ($)

My Experience Coming Out As Trans Makes Me Feel Lucky, But Being Loved Shouldn’t Involve Luck
Article for Pedestrian

The 'Gender Euphoria' column for Junkee, including finding spaces of trans joy, What does trans community mean to trans people, and an interview with Chantell Martin.

Crosses, Flags, Arches; an unofficial eulogy for Ronald McDonald’
Essay for Meanjin

Stigma and Shame: Accessing Healthcare as a Transgender or Gender-Diverse Person
Article for Pussypedia

Wheelie Bin Juice
Poem for Overland

The Last Decade Has All Been About Iconic Queer Women
Article for Junkee

Archer Asks: Raquel Willis, executive editor of Out Magazine
Interview for Archer Magazine

As the private lives of trans people are dragged into public debate, it’s time for facts
Article for The Guardian, with Teddy Cook, Shoshana Roseberg, Mish Pony and Jeremy Wiggins

Becoming Out
Article for Scarleteen

Trans women
A co-written chapter in Sam George-Allen's 2019 book Witches: What Women Do Together

Clear History: Digital Minimalism and KonMari-ing the Cloud
Essay for Kill Your Darlings, syndicated in The Guardian

When the personal ID becomes political
Article for Crikey ($)

'Rapid-onset gender dysphoria' is a poisonous lie used to discredit trans people
Opinion for The Guardian

Let's Talk About Girldick
Article for Scarleteen

Knowing and Unknowing
Story for the 2018 Queerstories book, edited by Maeve Marsden

bleeding in a foreign city
Poem for Rabbit Magazine Issue 23

We Need to Talk About Tom Ballard
Essay for Meanjin

As well as interviews with Torrey Peters, CN Lester, Ivan Coyote, and many others.

The Transphobic ‘Anti-PC Pack’ Proves Conservatives Don’t Actually Give A Fuck About Kids
Article for Pedestrian

Four Crucial Queer Survival Tips for 2019
Article for Scarleteen

Poem for Cordite Issue 88

Liz and Her Ex
Letter and loaned item for the Love exhibit (1/12/18 – 28/04/19) at the Immigration Museum, Melbourne

We Created A Wholesome Alternative To ‘The Australian’s Trashfire Gender Column
Article for Junkee

Passing as What? All About Passing Privilege
Article for Scarleteen

Trans people won't be erased, we can't be
Opinion for SBS Sexuality

What's the harm of blocking LGBTIQ students and teachers?
Roundtable for Crikey

The Period of Choice
Essay for Meanjin

Why Germaine Greer is not entitled to a place at the Brisbane Writers festival
Opinion for SBS Life

Australia’s gender recognition laws are a mess. It’s time for radical change
Article for Crikey ($)

Rethinking How We Talk About Sex and Gender
Article for Scarleteen

The trailblazing, opera singing queer icon you never knew you needed
Profile and Interview with CN Lester, for SBS Sexuality

How a US law broke the internet (and what that means for Australia)
Article for Crikey ($)

On deadnaming Chelsea Manning
Opinion for SBS Life

Becoming Seen
Memoir for The Pussy Parlour newsletter ($)

The banality of discrimination: how bureaucratic inertia is failing non-binary people
Article for Crikey ($)

I'm Here, Get Over It
Interview, for the ABC's Mardi Gras 40th anniversary magazine

#MeToo, But Now What
Article for Overland

The Family We Leave Behind
Review of Belvoir's 'Hir', for Kill Your Darlings

A Definitive Ranking Of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's Best Films
Longform review for Junkee

The tragedy of silenced conservatives: an interview with the rainbow gestapo
Humour, for Crikey, originally self published

Short story for Gravel Mag

Why Malcolm Turnbull’s attack on privacy is a feminist issue
Opinion for Daily Life

So You Wanna Record And Release A (Cheap) Podcast
How-to self published on Medium

Non-hierarchical polyamory: Stepping off the relationship escalator
Article for Archer Magazine

Shake the Ghosts: A conversation with Ivan Coyote
Interview for Kill Your Darlings

7 reveal parties more fun than gender reveal parties
Humour self published

Framing a Framed Man: The trouble with The Trouble with Harry
Review of Siren Theatre Company's 'The Trouble With Harry', for Kill Your Darlings

The problem with how transgender beauty is celebrated on the pages of Vogue
Opinion for Daily Life

If it’s still taboo to date transgender people, how far have we really come?
Opinion for Daily Life

7 reveal parties more fun than gender reveal parties
Humour self pubished on Medium

a private email
Blackout poem for pnk prl

seeing elizabeth
Personal writing self published

Why it’s time for parents to re-think declaring their children’s gender
Opinion for Daily Life

tectonic girl’ and ‘partial memories of friday night’
Poems for Concrete Queers zine CQ5

R Is For Representation
Article for F is for Feminism

when girls talk’ and ’threads
Poems self published 1 & 2

Sydney Writers Festival in 2020 [appearance cancelled due to COVID19]

NYWF in 2019, readings including 'My Problematic Fav' and 'Boomer Porn'

Left Wanting
Reading for Queerstories, at Giant Dwarf

NYWF in 2018, readings including 'Ana Pascal'

Speaker at SAMAG's 'Disarming Sexism in the Arts: #Metoo, but what next?' panel, at Sydney Opera House (video)

Knowing and Unknowing
Reading for Queerstories, at Giant Dwarf - podcast available here, and available to read in the Queerstories book

Attendee of Junket 2017 in Canberra, Australia

Editorial Introduction - Newman CE, Smith AKJ, Duck-Chong E, Vivienne S, Davies C, Robinson KH & Aggleton P. (2021) Waiting to be seen: social perspectives on trans health, Health Sociology Review, 30:1, 1-8, DOI: 10.1080/14461242.2020.1868900

Newman C, MacGibbon J, Smith, AKJ, Broady T, Lupton D, Davis M, Bear B, Bath N, Comensoli D, Cook T, Duck-Chong E, Ellard J, Kim J, Rule J, & Holt M (2020). Understanding trust in digital health among communities affected by BBVs and STIs in Australia. Sydney: UNSW Centre for Social Research in Health.

Callander D, Newman CE, Holt M, Rosenberg S, Duncan DT, Pony M, Timmins L, Cornelisse V, Duck-Chong L, Wang B, Cook T. The Complexities of Categorizing Gender: A Hierarchical Clustering Analysis of Data from the First Australian Trans and Gender Diverse Sexual Health Survey.Transgender Health, 2020; online first. DOI: 10.1089/trgh.2020.0050.

Callander D, Cook T, Cornelisse V, Pony M, Duncan D, Wiggins J, Vlahakis E, Duck-Chong L, Rosenberg S, & Holt M. (2019). O11.4 Trans and gender diverse people’s experiences of sexual health care are associated with sexual health screening uptake. Sexually Transmitted Infections, 95,A64.

Callander D, Wiggins J, Rosenberg S, Cornelisse VJ, Duck-Chong E, Holt M, Pony M, Vlahakis E, MacGibbon J, & Cook T. (2019). The 2018 Australian trans and gender diverse sexual health survey: Report of findings. Sydney, NSW: The Kirby Institute, UNSW Sydney.

Conference papers

Cook, T, Rosenberg, S, Duck-Chong, L, Page, J, Schweizer, K, Smith, Aunty V, & Van Hale, L. (2019). Stories from the trenches: Meaningful involvement of trans & gender diverse communities in the HIV response. Symposium presented at the Joint Australasian Sexual Health and HIV&AIDS Conference, Perth, Western Australia

Duck-Chong L, Cook T, Holt M, Pony M, Vlahakis E, Rosenberg S, Wiggins J, Cornelisse V, Callander D (2019) A body i am comfortable with’: the interplay of hormones and sex for trans and gender diverse people. Paper presented at the Joint Australasian Sexual Health and HIV&AIDS Conference, Perth, Western Australia

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