Writer, photographer, sexual health nerd, filmmaker, pun aficionado, podcaster, occasional musician, bumblebee enthusiast and ex-roadie, Liz is a true renaissance figure in the sense that most of them were really gay. They write about the history of reproductive health, rape politics, Germaine Greer’s irrelevancy, girldick, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and far more besides. Self-described post-fertile funny girl, she enjoys long walks after dark, collects food-shaped earrings, and we’ve probably totally met before at like that thing, your face is so familiar oh my god.

Not content to sit still, they’ve had their poetry, prose, essays and opinion published in Crikey, Meanjin, Scarleteen, The Guardian, Archer Magazine, The Sydney Morning Herald, Kill Your Darlings, The ABC, SBS, Overland, Rabbit Magazine, Fiction & Feeling, Gravel Magazine, Junkee, Concrete Queers, Story Seed Vault, and Moonsick, has spoken at Queerstories, NYWF, SAMAG and TEDx Ultimo among other events, and will happily rewrite your corporate gender documentation, film your event, speak to your audience, shoot your headshot, chair your panel, or just have a few yarns.

Liz is queer, trans and a non binary woman, and their pronouns are her and they, mixed up a little.