8-track EP

The Voyager spacecraft were launched in the summer of 1977 on a voyage of discovery and hope. Due to a rare arrangement of the outer planets, close-up research of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune was possible in a minimum window of time and fuel use. Each body passed bent the craft's flight path and increased their velocity, which in some cases cut flight time to the next planet by more than half. In this new century, both craft have crossed the heliosheath, passing through the edge of our solar system. To this day, they continue to collect data on the stars and the boundary between our home and interstellar space.

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The Love Letters Podcast

Self-published shortform podcast

The love letters podcast is a series of small and intimate dispatches. these letters are a work of fiction, and are written and recorded by me unless otherwise indicated.

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Places To Go, People To Love

6-track EP

A brief album recorded between 2010-2012 and released March 19, 2018. Many of these tracks were recorded as they were being written.

Some tracks on this EP are licensed under a CC BY 3.0 AU license, which allows you to share, remix and build upon the material including in commercial projects, so long as appropriate credit is provided

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